The Journey Begins


Hello There! My Name is Jennifer Marie Hollon! I am a successful wife, mother to three beautiful young women, and Nana to 6 wonderful grandbabies. I am a fun loving, energetic person that truly loves everything and everyone! I am very passionate about my family, fashion, health beauty and Oh My SHOES!!! I enjoy life to the fullest after successfully raising my 3 wonderful girls, going to college, and having multiple amazing careers! I have experienced so many wonderful and not so wonderful things in my first half journey. I believe that just like the Barbie we all played with as little girls dreaming of becoming doctors, lawyers( that was my dream), moms, wifes and more, there is a certain magic of that simiplicity and thought at such a young pure age that we could become anything and do anything we dreamed of.  I believe as women we should go back to that time and embrace that magic again in our womanhood and take back the power from within. I believed in it so much that it inspired me to write and share all my experiences good or bad with whoever wanted to read it. I want to help give insight and power back to women and leave a legacy for my daughers and granddaugher.

Now it is pasted the half time and ready kick off of my second half!

I am so excited and thrilled about this portion of my journey. I have so many new outlooks on life because of my experiences, trials, failures and successes and I can not wait to share them with each and everyone of you. I hope you all become loyal readers and engage with me to inspire and empower women,as this has been a life long passion for me to share my thoughts on all topics related to women. Warning it may not be perfect but I promise you this it will be real, honest, fulfilling and have plenty of helpful information. I hope that each of you will find your inner barbie and take the world by storm with confidence, head held high and the perfect shoes on your feet! Happy Reading! God Bless!




5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. You are truly a ageless beatuty! These blogs are absolutely wonderful makes me feel I have known you forever. You have a true talent welll many talents. A writer you are! You have handled the hard parts of life and became a powerhouse 💜


    1. You are an absolutely amazing human being! You have come so far in your life. Your momma taught you to be a lil fighter and never give up and dream big!! And you have absolutely done that and more!! So proud of you Jen!!

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      1. I very much appreciate that, I guess everyone has a story, however mine is not finished. Your right, ” The stars are the limit ” …reach for them as she always said. If only I could reach as far as Heaven ;( a fighter I have always been lol that is for sure. Thank you for your kind words and support of over 30 plus years 😉 Blessings my friend.


  2. I am truly excited to be able to read and “watch” you touch so many more life’s on this platform! You are such an inspiration how on faith, hard work, and perseverance will overcome any obstacle we think is in our way!


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