Amazing 2019 Opportunity

As a frugal person I am always on the scour for the best bargains, prices, free sign ups and opportunities around every corner. Needless to say I have become very good at this, and for anyone who closely knows me I can find the best deals on just about anything you are looking for. I have been a personal stylist, personal shopper, grocery budgeteer, extreme couponer, surveyor, reveiewer and so much more! Follow along with me as I teach you about some past experiences and lessons on budgeting for the right opportunity so you can cash in and put opputurnity in your pocket!


From fine dining, travel, movie tickets, big box stores to online secrets there are so many different ways for you to find windows of opportunity to score your desires for fractions of the costs! Saving you more money means less stress to us women, and that makes the WORLD a better place.

Say your family likes a paticular cheese or cereal right? We all have those in our household they just do not care what the price is that is the item they have to have! Well one day my husband calls me and says, ” Hey, hunnie I really like these…” so being frugal me I decided to look for a coupon online. When I could not find one I went to the manufacturers website and emailed them telling them how much my husband loved their product and that he made sure it was on my grocery list everytime! It gave them a compliment with sense of humor. Needless to say couple days later in the mail was a personal letter from them with some free product coupons, discount coupons and sample coupons to try their other products! I thought wow can’t believe that happened. That weekend my husband and youngest daugher spent the whole weekend in the kitchen up late at night taste testing and emailing all their favorite snack companies!

With the innovations of the internet everything these days is done online, heck you can even grocery shop online and some services even deliver them to your doorstep! They have optins and free sign up with your first deliveries being free or discounts for using their services, because they can supply the cost of goods cheaper! Online grocery clubs have couponing sites, subscription boxes, sample subscription boxes and so much more.

All the free time you have left over from not having to fight traffic and crowds to go to walmart for taco night supplies you can now have family game night followed by some adult maragritas with the hubby!

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Dinner date nights, or large family nights out? Whoa, if your like me first thing that comes to mind is, ” is this really in the budget” or “how much is this gonna cost” ” dollar menu..?”. Well let me tell you this when you have a family like I do (which I know many of you do) the one with the picky eaters, and the husband who can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert all in one setting, ya’ that kind. You have to be creative to your options. Knowing things like which nights kids eat free Golden Corral, or all you can eat pancakes at IHOP, 2 for deals will help you save so much without running the mood of the family. This is an app driven sales funnel of a world these days so I promise you your families favorite friday night eat out spot has mobile app you can sign up on get free appetizers and collect points redeemable for future visits. Some you can even sign up every member of the family for the birthday club and hey thats one free thing on the schedule right!

Social media presence is everything for businesses of any size. The average person spends at minimum of 3 hours on social media a DAY! If your anything like my middle daughter Ariel who is a total foodie, your most likely going to grap a picture of that delicious beautiful grub before you grab your fork! Simply tag into the place your eating with that picture and I promise you they notice and you will be on your way to discounts and better service in no time! Checkin and leave reviews!

Google Reviews are kind of fun, my husband and daughters are very addicted to reviewing everything and everywhere they go like its a competition on who gets more reviews and points. The good thing about it is that it gives back to the community and help others with your honest opionions of local businesses and sometimes they even reward you for it with complimentary discounts!

Clearance racks are my kryptonite! I can spot a shiney red, yellow or orange sign from a mile away like my husband can a 12 point buck in a 12 foot tall corn field while screaming down the highway at 70 mph! I hit the breaks just like he does too, of course we both have to take a closer look right!! Don’t be ashamed at the fact that you bought something on clearance who would know? Best part is that just means you can shop more, invest more or save more. The idea of bargain hunting has been around for centuries, it is in our human nature as part of mentality, to find the best possible deal. Most people throw caution to the wind and let pure impulse take over instead of logic that they can find that at a better price. You might argue the fact that time is money and while I can say I agree with you, you must set yourself up for success where this is opportunity is and I promise it pays ten fold!

I have my regular stores and I know where the racks or isles are with the best possible chance of finding deals are and I can usually hit all of them in my local area in under 2 hours. I have a system that I stick to, if what I am looking for does not fit within that critiria then I move on! Somedays I score big and others I do not, that’s part of the fun.

I will include links to some amazing starter offers and trials, you can start with and go from there.

I will also include a link to my free downloadabe PDF of 10 shopping tips.

Happy Shopping Opportunities.

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