Goals for 2019 for any woman despite time or her bank account…

  1. Money Management.💸💰
  2. Declutter your home.🏠
  3. Drink more water.💧💧
  4. Take a dance class.💃
  5. Take a weekend to yourself.💆
  6. Reconnect with an old friend.👯
  7. Attend a fashion show.👠👗
  8. Invest in an adorable handbag.👜
  9. Volunteer for a good cause.⛑️
  10. Send 10 handwritten letters, no emails or texts.💌💌
  11. Attend an outdoor music festival.🎶🎶
  12. Host a dinner party.🍽️
  13. Take a road trip.🚘
  14. Improve posture, stand tall.💪
  15. Wine test.🍷🥂
  16. Take skin care seriously.💅
  17. Take up yoga, meditation, or walking 3 days a week for 30 mins. 🚶‍♀️
  18. Dance in the rain.💃🌧️
  19. Start a journal.📒
  20. 10 acts of random kindness ( buy a stranger’s coffee).🙂

7 thoughts on “Goals for 2019 for any woman despite time or her bank account…”

  1. I have two questions:
    1) What is “Wine Test”?
    2) Is there a reason that you advocate less than one random act of kindness per month? Only ten for the year 2019? Would it not be advisable to recommend trying to accomplish one random act of kindness every day? I don’t mean to pick, but only ten for the year sounds like someone is doing it for credit, rather than for the positive feeling that comes from having made someone happy.

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    1. Mr. Winters, thank you for being a loyal reader and engaging with the community greatly appreciated. I would love to help and answer your questions.

      (1)”Wine test” is a test to challenging yourself to try new wines or go to a wine tasting or enjoy something you may not have otherwise experience. Not everyone is into drinking wine or even likes it. I know many women who have never even had a glass. Therefore part of experiencing something new in 2019 comes the wine test. I personally like a good glass of wine and great book or one with a fresh hot bath, so I have challenged myself to try new wines and go to a vineyard this year to experience how wine is made. Its all about experiencing life, continued learning and growing as a person.

      (2) Personally I am an advocate for random acts of kindness as much as possible. Personally I believe whether it is 1 or 100 acts it is about continue personal growth and helping humanity. To base your opinion, for which you are entitled to on a recommendation for a place to start your journey is premature of the idea that everyone is practicing random acts of kindeness. If everyone would just do one more than they currently are how much better would the world be for each of us. Mr. Winter’s I would enjoy if you would share some of your suggestions for the readers of ideas for random acts of kindeness as well as goals for women in 2019 as it surely will bring value to the mission and here at beyourownbarbie.com we value everyone.

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      1. I completely agree, I know first hand what you fo for people and it’s above and beyond. I loved how you made it relatable to people like me that can’t buy a coffee or anything for myself daily muchless someone else. But even if you are struggling you can make it a point to do something simple not necessarily everyday.


  2. Im so impressed with a beginning blogger how articulate and well put everything is! As a woman these catch my attention and just want to read more……Im excited about the next🤩

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