How to be more Persuasive 101

For starters ask for help, if you need a favor or advice try something like this , ” I could really use your help” Some people don’t want the pressure of not helping someone who wasn’t willing to ask clearly, preferring the positive feeling that comes from helping out. AIM HIGH~ To get what you asked for ,start out by creating an unreasonably big request that will likely get turned down anyway, than continue with your original or more reasonable request or offer …you will walk away feeling like you reached a fair compromise. I do this alot in the fashion world, especially a sample, flawed or discontinued items but this also works well in Real Estate Investments. BE THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS ~ try to always present a request or offer as a choice not Force. ” “Would you be willing to discount this 20 percent or mark it down by 10.oo due to the snag?” Requires them to really think about both options and by denying your request they could lose a sell ,but by choosing one they have room on the sales floor and didn’t have a flawed item in the store and you walked away with a bargain. BE FIRM~ People are likely to be more confident and sure if you don’t use words like ” I think, or I believe that this dress will never sell or house might still be here in 6 mos if you don’t take my offer ,instead speak up with courage and confidence by saying ” I know ” or ” I will” MIRROR THE Other PERSON ~If you want someone to follow your lead ,accept your offer you must emulate or mirror their body language to subconsciously signal alignment or agreement. NOD As You Engage or Speak~ Most people respond to subtle mimicking and nodding & eye contact signal their thoughts and brains that you have already reached an understanding and agreement.

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