The Value of Critics

This topic takes on so many critics, imagine that! Don’t we all? There is always someone out there who “thinks” we are doing something wrong or should do it differently right? But is it their true belief or are they just thinking it? Is there any action or validity to it?

I want to dive into this discussion first with some quotes.

“Your critics will never pay you anyway..”_ Dan Lok_F.U. Money

“If your so good at this, why aren’t you rich?”_ Dan Lok_F.U. Money

Wow, right?! Ok, well those statements may be true but let’s be honest some criticism is healthy right? I believe so. There are people all around us everyday that see the world in which you live in, in an entirely different way! That can bring you value to your purpose, if you can open yourself up to seeing it first.

You must learn to see things differently and accept the possibility of new ideas, creations, and processes in order to reach your goals.

I believe the quotes above are directed to knowing which critic to listen to and which not too allow any influence in your decisions.

Think about it, what areas are we criticized on?

As women it’s our looks, our weight, our clothes, jobs, kids, and relationships. Hell there is even more than that, we criticize ourselves! That is a woman’s worst critic; herself!

Just because you see a beautiful woman on TV or the cover of a magazine as your checking out at the grocery store doesnt mean you’re not beautiful. It just means she took ownership for her beauty and made it work for her.

Your kids may be very well mannered, while your best friends kids are hellions in your opinion. While your neighbor is laughing as her kids are terrorizing the neighborhood with water guns, she is criticizing yours as the stuck up rich kids.

Both of you could be totally wrong about the other. Critics often forget there is a difference between criticism and judgement!

Criticism should be used to deliver honest and knowledgeable content with value to ones mission or purpose.

Criticism should not be used to destroy one’s mission or purpose by exploiting or exposing their failures.

So here is my thought and way I structure my processes around criticism, I dont till last! Funny? Thought you would like that.

But really, I do not take criticism until the end of the process. Most critics are “haters” and want nothing more than to steer your attention away from your mission. So while I really enjoy the free marketing and support from the haters and the following they create I give no relevance to their opinions, for the most part. Now, this is where it gets fun. Your critics and “haters” will tell you exactly what you’re doing right lol.Capture

Now that you are doing right, it is time to notice the criticism that is constructive. This criticism will come from notable sources, including successful businesses and individuals within your industries. True constructive criticism comes from a place of success and future. The reason it comes from that place is because it is intended to drive towards success from success with future in mind. Kind of like pay it forward. The individuals that lend mentorship via constructive criticism usually truly believe in you or your purpose and see value in what your providing the marketplace or the world.

Step 1: Know your own value

Know what your worth. Do not sell yourself short. Stick to your current worth and WORK on increasing your worth!

Step 2: understand the difference.

Destructive Criticism: criticism ment to distract, destroy and distance you from your goal and purpose.

Constructive Criticism: criticism meant to expedite your journey to your goal or process.

Use the knowledge of difference to leverage your view point on the criticism you receive in all you areas of your life.

Step 3: Learn to accept

Learn that it is ok that not everyone is going I like you, or what you wear or what your doing. That’s fine. Follow steps 1 and 2 first then smile take a deep breathe. Now you know what to do with it.

Step 4: Practice makes perfect

Ever heard the old saying “I just got taken to the woodshed..” ? Meaning got a whoopin. Lol. Well your about to get another.

Not only are you your own worst critic you do this to other people!

So, stop for a second next time you start to run your mouth and think how am I going to affect this person or the current situation or even the marketplace with what I am about to criticize? If you truly feel your delivering value then it will be authentic and natural, just as this blog. However, if it is out of jealousy, hatred or lust for whatever reason you are purely being destructive, not only to society and the marketplace but to yourself as well.

So practice on listening more, both on the inside and out. Practice the evaluation of the criticism that you receive and give. Disguard the destructive and embrace the constructive, both receiving and delivering. “Practice is in the process”-my husband says.

Step 5: Grain of Salt

“Take it with a grain of salt ” ” timex, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin..” Heard those before? Sure you have. Well, because it works! Once you have completed steps 1 thru 4 your ready to not let it bother you anymore. Now your on cruise control, the lashing out against you and your mission is no longer the giant boulder in the road you had to swerve and loose control over. It’s merely a small in effective grain of salt just that you can cruise right on by or over no affects. This is when your on straight line path to success with purpose.

Use these steps to open your mind to criticism in all areas of your life. Relax, it will be ok. Take an active role in the evaluation of criticism, instead of reacting to it. Establish a belief system and streamline your success today.

I hope I provided you with some steps to dealing with this issue and helps you over come the fear of criticism, so you can continue your journey in a positive way.💗

5 thoughts on “The Value of Critics”

  1. Wow Jenn, You out do it ever time! I absolutely loved this read it 3 times. Criticism Definitely follows us throughout our lives, Never really stop to think of healthy criticism, I look so forward to a new blog. Because they are 100 percent relatetable.

    Liked by 1 person

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