The Dream girl we all want to be~

Barbie has been around for years, it is ironically THE most bought and played with toy idolized by every little girl all over the world. We all grew up playing with barbie accessories and wanting to be our own Barbie. That dream always seems to stop when adulthood takes over. We forget about the inner confidence and the beauty we each hold. If Barbie is still a hot item, then ladies don’t give up yet. Follow along as I take this journey to find all the most amazing fashion tips for women of all ages to become “The Dream girl” and sure to find their Ken. 

People always say I dress like Barbie or remind them of her, that’s why this blog was born. Unlike Barbie, we all come in different shapes and sizes and that is what makes us each so unique and amazing to the world. Along the way we will embrace it through our journey together.

We are each so incredibly valuable, and I say that with the upmost certainty that you may not even realize it. You have the ability to achieve greatness already built into you.  You’re talented in something, some way and you already know everyone you need to know in order to blow up!

The thing about feeling good about yourself is really an art form of sort. Accomplishment leads to the feeling of success, and that leads to feeling good about yourself!

Finding that perfect outfit that empowers you may be an acceptable win for you and so it should be! Let that spill over into your make up and stand up straight on your night out. You dont see a hunched over barbie on the shelves at the toy store do you? 

Barbie has taken on many different things in her life. You should as well try something new and exciting.

Try these things:

  • Riding a jet ski
  • Sky diving
  • Random road trip
  • Hop on random flight to a new city
  • Learn a new language or salutation of one
  • Try to eat new food or restaurant
  • Write a book
  • Tell a story

  • By expanding your horizons and experience in life you will naturally feel more like the inner rockstar that you really are!

    The journey of feeling beautiful is not something you just do or get, it is a mindset that you must choose and develop over the course of time.

    Choosing to be beautiful is beautiful in itself. It shows how truly powerful you are as a woman and a person, that inspires everyone who comes in contact with you.

    Stop worrying about how other people see you and worry about how you see you! That is how you become who you want to become!

    Try this challenge.

    Write a letter to yourself 5 years ago and tell them about themselves now and give them advice.

    Once you complete that do this next step.

    Write a letter to yourself now from the perspective of the person you want to be in 5 years.

    Compare the two and notice how differently you thought. Guess what? You wrote both of them, proof you can be who you want to be!

    Look in the mirror say I am beautiful and successful everyday!

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