Office Fashionista

Ever have that perfect day where the make up, the hair, the outfit just on laser sharp point? That amazing feeling when you show up to the office and everyone can’t help but turn their head and you see their eyes explode with splendor? It is amazing right?! I dedicated my week to shopping around, interviewing, and researching the most exclusive hot and trending professional attire to spice up your work week as well as created my personal favorite office attire in lookbooks to give you that confidence to fire back, to get the merger, and sale that luxury penthouse. Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring, you can dress for success I always do, nothing boring here. These days, you can easily wear fashionable trends that still make you look professional while at the office, to the office and will double as evening attire for some quick drinks after work! You’ll just need to give your office attire a bit of an overhaul so that you know what sort of pieces you’ll need to look stylish and professional at work! With these tips, you’ll not only dress to impress, but you’ll also look polished and professional, ready to take on the boardroom!

  1. Be authentic

The first rule of fashion is to be yourself and this also applies to dressing professionally. If you’re not comfortable in a traditional pantsuit then mix it up! Just wear the pants and skip the blazer, while adding a fun pattern blouse for some added style. Or if you’re the opposite of trendy, don’t try so hard to incorporate the latest trends into your office attire and stick to what you know. Just be who you are, so that you’re more comfortable with what you’re wearing to work. 

 2. Invest in quality pieces

As a professional, you’ll want to look polished everyday at the office, so it’s smart to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. You’ll be able to wear them over and over again and not have to worry about the quality fading over time. When shopping for work clothes, pay close attention to what the clothing is made of. But don’t forget to properly take care of them so to extend the life of the outfits and shoes! 

3. Blazers are a must        
Blazers will make any outfit more professional, so stock up on a few in some favorite colors. You’ll be able to dress up a camisole for work by throwing a camisole on top and then look chic for dinner afterwards by simply taking off the blazer. It’s a versatile piece that every professional, modern women needs! 

4. Classic white blouses are an essential
You can never really have too many classic white blouses! These are closet staples for any professional woman, so make sure you have a few options in your closet. Long-sleeve ones are necessary for when the weather is colder and short sleeves ones work well in summer. Once you have a few classic white blouses (and off-white options), you can start adding more color into your work wardrobe!

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