We Love Differently šŸ‘«šŸ’—

Well ladies if you haven’t already figured this one out,women & men are incredibly different in so many way~ They show their emotions, affection & love in far different ways than we do making our relationship confusing time to time, men & woman just feel differently & it shows in everything they do. The most common phrase we say as women to our friends is ” Today he was a complete ass but yesterday was the sweetest man in the world, ” I don’t get it what the hell is a matter with him? well the most important thing is that what he says and does aline with each other. So the question all women ask and want to know is does he really love me & how can I know forsure. Can we actually know if they really loves us? The answer is yes ,first thing all women need to know is all men despite their age,how many years you have been together have behavior patterns and exhibit traits to express their love for their wives. Your asking well Jen how can I truly know forsure, I’ll answer that from my own personal experience in my own marriage ,#1 is proud of you and isn’t afraid to show it to anyone, my husband is proud of me in every way,the way I cook, talk, dress,laugh, the way I treat others, the way I run my Business, how I mother my children, and yes even how I write this blog but most importantly he is proud of the way I value our marriage & him. When a man truly loves a woman he is not shy about it and doesn’t care who likes it or who doesn’t what they say or think. Despite the age difference between my husband and I or the Judgement & rejection my husband has endured from his family, he never once forsaken me or our marriage. He took his vows serious about forsaking all other & cleaving unto his wife,reminding me I’m all he needs. But most importantly he never abandoned his own heart or desires. He chose me and noone was changing his mind ,he has always been proud to have me on his arm and proud to say I was his. Regardless if you are an amazing mother, successful business woman reaching all your goals & dreams or a hard worker. You can assure that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed or appreciated by a man that truly loves you ~ I constantly hear “Jen your so beautiful, so smart, so strong ,driven & talented I’m so lucky & so proud to be you husband ” not once in awhile but daily. He looks for any opportunity to brag about my accomplishments or capabilities to anyone who will listen. As a matter of fact if a man truly loves you all the praiseworthy things you have done and work toward bring not only you,but him as well a great amount of pride & joy. If he treats the ones you love with respect & finds them to be as important to him as they are to you,its simple he cherishes you & your feelings. Last thing a man that truly cares about would ever do is hurt someone you love or ask you to give them up . While it’s fair to say he might not genuinely like all your friends or agree with everything your family says or does they will never know it because he will let you deal with your own relationships with the people you love to avoid hurting your feelings. I have always stood beside my husband in his decision to not have certain people in his life out of respect for his feelings and what he felt was best for him & our marriage. If he chose to change that viewpoint I would stand beside him than too. But the one we feel all men come up short on ,even mine. Is hearing without listening, let’s face it there is no perfect husband~ & I believe all men have selective hearing,just as I think they all snore lol we as women are just better listeners that’s why we can cook,fold laundry while answering 20 questions, playing referee to our kids,still answer our husband while across the room about we the remote control is all while talking to our friends on the phone about whose doing what & be able to tell you what the kids, your friends or husband just said if asked. Remember a woman never forgets what she was told ,were filing cabinets even years later because were good listeners. I can remind my husband something he said from 5 years ago because I listened attentively whether it was good or bad. Let’s we real there are some men with atrocious listening skills ~ mine a least knows to pretend to listen lol even if he isn’t with a whole lot of “oh really ” uh huh babe I heard you and his favorite now when he actually wasn’t ” I love you boo and flashes me his dimples so even I forget what I was saying he has mastered his own art to listening & I have adapted. But you should know if he cares enough to make any attempt to listen or pretend to lol he truly loves you & I promise they get better with time and patience. The big one in my opinion is if he fights for you ,keep him. If he is angry when others treat you badly, or says untrue things about you ,Judge you or hurt you in any way & doesn’t care who it is & runs to your defense without questioning if you were wrong or right, only standing up for you & always has your back girl he truly loves you don’t even question it,if he doesn’t want to hear hurt in your voice or see it in your face he values you. Most men are pretty careful about exposing their feelings especially ones that show weakness or their heart on their sleeves. Especially men who have not been allowed to show their emotions growing up as a child. Men grow up hearing boys don’t cry ,so when they do it’s a very vulnerable moment & the way you react can make or break your husband & marriage. He may never show you this side of him again if you do not show compassion and tenderness. When my husband cries its when he feels he has let me down in some way,usually situations he has tried everything he knows to do and still can’t change it,men want to fix everything & when they face something they have no control over it overwhelms them ,especially because the pressure is on them to be our rock & strength. Let your husband know it’s ok to be weak sometimes & that you have enough strength for the both of you when he does not. If a man truly loves you he will feel far more comfortable with acting & feeling vulnerable. Being your husband’s best and companion is the most valuable position in your marriage. It is said that behavior is what a man does, not what he says not what he believes or thinks ~ Its in his actions, so if he does or even tries to do the things I just told you go wrap your arms around him, keep him close because he truly loves you & you should value him everyday of your life he was a gift celebrate your love xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “We Love Differently šŸ‘«šŸ’—”

  1. Jennifer, you & Quinton are a beautiful couple inside & out. As God is your guide,
    follow His lead in all that you do. He will never lead you astray.
    Love you, Nina

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