Is the FDA suppressing a Cure for Cancer?


It is been thought that the FDA and pharmaceutical companies have discovered a cure for cancer years ago but not making the medicines available to the public. Although the theory has not been supported as it would take Millions both nonprofit and profit sectors participation. More money would be made by selling a cure but the question would be have scientists already secretly cured their own friends and family without the Public’s knowledge & could they do it for us? Pharmaceutical companies & Researchers do not want a cure for cancer because this is how they earn their living continuously seeking one making big bucks selling chemotherapy drugs, I surgeons removing tumors and expensive radiation devices that employee Radiologist making suffering a very profitable business. Cancer has touched my life in a devastating way as well as many other people that I personally know .With the cost of chemotherapy costing over $30,000 in 8 weeks and initial cost being over 7,000 in addition to the expenses of drugs, health insurance only covering small portions and rejecting many other costs. My mother lost her battle to cancer in 2004 and she felt financially fighting to live was more of battle than fighting cancer itself,especially with supplemental insurance denying coverage due to preexisting cancer. Hmmmm what a crock huh..Cancer is worth $ 500 billion dollars in a cure would be a worth $ 50 trillion. If your on State Insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare patients receive poor quality and less care than those by employer-sponsored or private insurance. Thus ,giving total control to the government the value of your life or how long you should be allowed to continue living it. My mother lived 6 mos and 1 day after diagnosis, 1 day longer than they gave her because she could never be wrong lol died in her 40’s already  bound to a wheelchair due to the weight of tumors  suffering an agonizing death after exhausting her private insurance coverage, the cost of living was to high & a cure out of sight. I invite my viewers to weigh in, do you think it’s possible the government has the ability to end so much anguish and pain that cancer causes but care more about lining their pockets? Do you think it’s a tactic for population control? As a society do you wonder why we are sitting in silence & continue to donate to the foundation year after year wondering if I money is simply going into researchers bank accounts while our loved ones die?      Tell me your thoughts…you have a voice lets make some noise.

3 thoughts on “Is the FDA suppressing a Cure for Cancer?”

  1. This is a sad deal and hard subject but Government and big companies do not want to lose money it’s sad it’s a money game over life. There is an omish man in Prison for creating a salve to help Heal and reduce cancer…. several years ago two florida naturally drs were mysteriously found to be decided they have “commited suicide” after they were naturally helping cancer patients…. I don’t know for sure like most people we can only stay educated and do our research but it all comes down to the almighty dollar and that is sad


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