My favorite free or cheap hacks :-)

Are you quite the diva & have more clothes than closet or bought your kid more outfits than they could ever wear in their lifetime. You have already seasoned everything or simply love everything to much to minimize or put away only to have to drag it out again when you want it? Yea me to sister I hear your distress over here, no problem I got ya’ before you throw that Pepsi in the trash pop that tab off, yes I’m can use it on the neck of your hanger to hang additional items and you can place as many as the hanger will hold. This doubles your closet space and its free, now don’t go dumpster driving for more lol because I have another trick,although its not free it is cheap..I buy the shower hook the ones that don’t close,hang them on rod ,hooks side up perfect for slacks,jeans,scarves,tank tops, and even jewelry . Do you have a collection of adorable stilettos like I do, can’t bare to hide them away or leave them in shoes boxes or totes, buy a 3.o0 tension rod like I did or a cheap curtain rod, easy and quick to hang & you don’t even need your husband to do it and you can display all those irresistible beauties in a tidy fashion and be able to marvel at their splendor .

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