2019 Spring Nail Trends

Good news ladies if you stress over picking a color a nail color like I do- muted tones of peach,coral or caramel are gaining favor on the catwalk girls. Coral nails are perfect for Spring~ I love Juicy Melon

I usually do a square -round nail when I visit my manicurist ,But if I have an important meeting I opt for a rounded nail. The super natural style makes all nail polish colors look good without drawing a lot of attention- proving that clean well groomed nails will never go out of style and your investors can focus on your professional objective without distraction.

Feeling playful ? Go for a fun look ~experiment go two toned with bright colors.

Oh how I love Metallics with high shine that make a bold statement or provide me with the “Look at me” option. My favorite for this season is ROSE GOLD dipped in Glitter in a Stiletto shape.

Black nails are not my choice but have always been a sign of rebellion or edgy so sometimes I choose to escape to my wild side and go with a matte black with a high shine top coat ,when I do I love Chanel’s Levernis in Gris Obsuramp. Every girl is fierce once in awhile.

When I feel real bossy or worried about poking my husbands eye out with my stiletto nail I go with a 90’s favorite style, the Coffin nail. They are “to die for” and fun to experiment with and range from to short to long squared like a coffin. I prefer grey coffin nails they appear utterly chic and stylish.

I have always been intrigued by nail fashion, you can be simple or extravagant ,no reason to be boring. Nail care should be a part and parcel of every woman’s grooming. Bonus the pampering book an appointment and try one of these trends…

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