Glamour in the uk..

I’m very intrigued by fashion trends all around the world and filled with style inspiration in my travels. UK’s fashion industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy .They are known for being unique, creative, innovative and bold. Designers take part in creating styles that will be trendsetters offering variety and very high and brands. Many British retailers also make available gender neutral are unisex clothing to consumers. Many female singers and actress follow British fashion trends… But how surprised are you to find at the British don’t follow their own trends typically they are celebrity endorsed… While the endorsement might be a good marketing strategy in terms, but actually getting someone to buy the designers present a challenge , but of course there is money to be made for the fashion conscious celebrity inspired shopper. If you’re curious about British fashion trends for the French girl , Westfield mall is where it’s at. Top shop was a favorite and not much different than the Western fashion industry, it’s a British multinational destination offering the next style and culture. Now is the time to buy your winter coat, A teddy coat is a trend in the UK and a must have item you will need in your closet. They are very popular trend all around the world. My boutique Rivals by Jen features a designer faux fur with a texture like your old teddy bear that you use to cuddle growing up, it’s a very practical fashion trend and not unflattering like a puffa jacket. They have made many appearances on the red Carpet in 2018 -2019 and rightfully so I have 2 of them. Just because its still chilly in London & your anxious to wear your spring wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t. If you want to wear your super cute floral spring dress,just pair it with black tights and leather Jacket, RivalsbyJen has a very stylish Mustard yellow biker jacket in stock for under $50.00 . When packing for a visit to the Uk be sure to bring several long sleeve shirts to match with your jacket’s and scarves . One of my favorite trends for Spring 2019 are off the shoulder styles, these are going to be a big Trend this year, I bought a one shoulder cotton Poplin Romper at top shop for $79.00 a spectacular bargain for a high end piece. Traditional trend in the London seem to be a skirt,blouse ,black stockings & a red shawl seen in nearly every coffee shop . It’s very much a Western Society wearing much the same as other modern Western societies. Alot of boyfriend jeans,crops and heels, Jumpsuits, clutches and statement tops. If you want to keep up with these trends add a little sparkle to your next luncheon date with subtle sequined crops with your favorite worn denim and strappy wedges. It’s a perfect” I didn’t try too hard”wardrobe combination. Can’t decide on a dress or slacks? well that’s an easy solution ,slip on a jumpsuit . I love a Drape Jumpsuit with a fold over clutch making it perfect for a date or luncheon. SoMeTimes I pair mine with a blazer for a professional look for a Business meeting. There is something so subtle and sexy about off the shoulder tops , I have several. They can be worn with your favorite ripped boyfriend distressed jean’s or dress it up with a pair of slacks & it’s an easy date night look easily to transition from fay to night. Grab your must have denim skinnies, add blouses with extra details….I personally prefer ruffles, cut outs ,off the shoulder, exaggerated weakness BELL SLEEVES! Whatever you choose make sure it makes a statement or rely on statement jewelry in bold styles or colors. I choose large pieces with oversized handbags…Galle and Peasant tops are feminine and sexy. Remember black never goes out and can never go wrong with it ,its timeless ,so everyone needs a sexy little black dress and blazer. Dress like your already famous…..

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