My favorite free or cheap hacks :-)

Are you quite the diva & have more clothes than closet or bought your kid more outfits than they could ever wear in their lifetime. You have already seasoned everything or simply love everything to much to minimize or put away only to have to drag it out again when you want it? Yea me to sister I hear your distress over here, no problem I got ya’ before you throw that Pepsi in the trash pop that tab off, yes I’m can use it on the neck of your hanger to hang additional items and you can place as many as the hanger will hold. This doubles your closet space and its free, now don’t go dumpster driving for more lol because I have another trick,although its not free it is cheap..I buy the shower hook the ones that don’t close,hang them on rod ,hooks side up perfect for slacks,jeans,scarves,tank tops, and even jewelry . Do you have a collection of adorable stilettos like I do, can’t bare to hide them away or leave them in shoes boxes or totes, buy a 3.o0 tension rod like I did or a cheap curtain rod, easy and quick to hang & you don’t even need your husband to do it and you can display all those irresistible beauties in a tidy fashion and be able to marvel at their splendor .

Office Fashionista

Ever have that perfect day where the make up, the hair, the outfit just on laser sharp point? That amazing feeling when you show up to the office and everyone can’t help but turn their head and you see their eyes explode with splendor? It is amazing right?! I dedicated my week to shopping around, interviewing, and researching the most exclusive hot and trending professional attire to spice up your work week as well as created my personal favorite office attire in lookbooks to give you that confidence to fire back, to get the merger, and sale that luxury penthouse. Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring, you can dress for success I always do, nothing boring here. These days, you can easily wear fashionable trends that still make you look professional while at the office, to the office and will double as evening attire for some quick drinks after work! You’ll just need to give your office attire a bit of an overhaul so that you know what sort of pieces you’ll need to look stylish and professional at work! With these tips, you’ll not only dress to impress, but you’ll also look polished and professional, ready to take on the boardroom!

  1. Be authentic

The first rule of fashion is to be yourself and this also applies to dressing professionally. If you’re not comfortable in a traditional pantsuit then mix it up! Just wear the pants and skip the blazer, while adding a fun pattern blouse for some added style. Or if you’re the opposite of trendy, don’t try so hard to incorporate the latest trends into your office attire and stick to what you know. Just be who you are, so that you’re more comfortable with what you’re wearing to work. 

 2. Invest in quality pieces

As a professional, you’ll want to look polished everyday at the office, so it’s smart to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. You’ll be able to wear them over and over again and not have to worry about the quality fading over time. When shopping for work clothes, pay close attention to what the clothing is made of. But don’t forget to properly take care of them so to extend the life of the outfits and shoes! 

3. Blazers are a must        
Blazers will make any outfit more professional, so stock up on a few in some favorite colors. You’ll be able to dress up a camisole for work by throwing a camisole on top and then look chic for dinner afterwards by simply taking off the blazer. It’s a versatile piece that every professional, modern women needs! 

4. Classic white blouses are an essential
You can never really have too many classic white blouses! These are closet staples for any professional woman, so make sure you have a few options in your closet. Long-sleeve ones are necessary for when the weather is colder and short sleeves ones work well in summer. Once you have a few classic white blouses (and off-white options), you can start adding more color into your work wardrobe!

We Love Differently 👫💗

Well ladies if you haven’t already figured this one out,women & men are incredibly different in so many way~ They show their emotions, affection & love in far different ways than we do making our relationship confusing time to time, men & woman just feel differently & it shows in everything they do. The most common phrase we say as women to our friends is ” Today he was a complete ass but yesterday was the sweetest man in the world, ” I don’t get it what the hell is a matter with him? well the most important thing is that what he says and does aline with each other. So the question all women ask and want to know is does he really love me & how can I know forsure. Can we actually know if they really loves us? The answer is yes ,first thing all women need to know is all men despite their age,how many years you have been together have behavior patterns and exhibit traits to express their love for their wives. Your asking well Jen how can I truly know forsure, I’ll answer that from my own personal experience in my own marriage ,#1 is proud of you and isn’t afraid to show it to anyone, my husband is proud of me in every way,the way I cook, talk, dress,laugh, the way I treat others, the way I run my Business, how I mother my children, and yes even how I write this blog but most importantly he is proud of the way I value our marriage & him. When a man truly loves a woman he is not shy about it and doesn’t care who likes it or who doesn’t what they say or think. Despite the age difference between my husband and I or the Judgement & rejection my husband has endured from his family, he never once forsaken me or our marriage. He took his vows serious about forsaking all other & cleaving unto his wife,reminding me I’m all he needs. But most importantly he never abandoned his own heart or desires. He chose me and noone was changing his mind ,he has always been proud to have me on his arm and proud to say I was his. Regardless if you are an amazing mother, successful business woman reaching all your goals & dreams or a hard worker. You can assure that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed or appreciated by a man that truly loves you ~ I constantly hear “Jen your so beautiful, so smart, so strong ,driven & talented I’m so lucky & so proud to be you husband ” not once in awhile but daily. He looks for any opportunity to brag about my accomplishments or capabilities to anyone who will listen. As a matter of fact if a man truly loves you all the praiseworthy things you have done and work toward bring not only you,but him as well a great amount of pride & joy. If he treats the ones you love with respect & finds them to be as important to him as they are to you,its simple he cherishes you & your feelings. Last thing a man that truly cares about would ever do is hurt someone you love or ask you to give them up . While it’s fair to say he might not genuinely like all your friends or agree with everything your family says or does they will never know it because he will let you deal with your own relationships with the people you love to avoid hurting your feelings. I have always stood beside my husband in his decision to not have certain people in his life out of respect for his feelings and what he felt was best for him & our marriage. If he chose to change that viewpoint I would stand beside him than too. But the one we feel all men come up short on ,even mine. Is hearing without listening, let’s face it there is no perfect husband~ & I believe all men have selective hearing,just as I think they all snore lol we as women are just better listeners that’s why we can cook,fold laundry while answering 20 questions, playing referee to our kids,still answer our husband while across the room about we the remote control is all while talking to our friends on the phone about whose doing what & be able to tell you what the kids, your friends or husband just said if asked. Remember a woman never forgets what she was told ,were filing cabinets even years later because were good listeners. I can remind my husband something he said from 5 years ago because I listened attentively whether it was good or bad. Let’s we real there are some men with atrocious listening skills ~ mine a least knows to pretend to listen lol even if he isn’t with a whole lot of “oh really ” uh huh babe I heard you and his favorite now when he actually wasn’t ” I love you boo and flashes me his dimples so even I forget what I was saying he has mastered his own art to listening & I have adapted. But you should know if he cares enough to make any attempt to listen or pretend to lol he truly loves you & I promise they get better with time and patience. The big one in my opinion is if he fights for you ,keep him. If he is angry when others treat you badly, or says untrue things about you ,Judge you or hurt you in any way & doesn’t care who it is & runs to your defense without questioning if you were wrong or right, only standing up for you & always has your back girl he truly loves you don’t even question it,if he doesn’t want to hear hurt in your voice or see it in your face he values you. Most men are pretty careful about exposing their feelings especially ones that show weakness or their heart on their sleeves. Especially men who have not been allowed to show their emotions growing up as a child. Men grow up hearing boys don’t cry ,so when they do it’s a very vulnerable moment & the way you react can make or break your husband & marriage. He may never show you this side of him again if you do not show compassion and tenderness. When my husband cries its when he feels he has let me down in some way,usually situations he has tried everything he knows to do and still can’t change it,men want to fix everything & when they face something they have no control over it overwhelms them ,especially because the pressure is on them to be our rock & strength. Let your husband know it’s ok to be weak sometimes & that you have enough strength for the both of you when he does not. If a man truly loves you he will feel far more comfortable with acting & feeling vulnerable. Being your husband’s best and companion is the most valuable position in your marriage. It is said that behavior is what a man does, not what he says not what he believes or thinks ~ Its in his actions, so if he does or even tries to do the things I just told you go wrap your arms around him, keep him close because he truly loves you & you should value him everyday of your life he was a gift celebrate your love xoxoxo

The Dream girl we all want to be~

Barbie has been around for years, it is ironically THE most bought and played with toy idolized by every little girl all over the world. We all grew up playing with barbie accessories and wanting to be our own Barbie. That dream always seems to stop when adulthood takes over. We forget about the inner confidence and the beauty we each hold. If Barbie is still a hot item, then ladies don’t give up yet. Follow along as I take this journey to find all the most amazing fashion tips for women of all ages to become “The Dream girl” and sure to find their Ken. 

People always say I dress like Barbie or remind them of her, that’s why this blog was born. Unlike Barbie, we all come in different shapes and sizes and that is what makes us each so unique and amazing to the world. Along the way we will embrace it through our journey together.

We are each so incredibly valuable, and I say that with the upmost certainty that you may not even realize it. You have the ability to achieve greatness already built into you.  You’re talented in something, some way and you already know everyone you need to know in order to blow up!

The thing about feeling good about yourself is really an art form of sort. Accomplishment leads to the feeling of success, and that leads to feeling good about yourself!

Finding that perfect outfit that empowers you may be an acceptable win for you and so it should be! Let that spill over into your make up and stand up straight on your night out. You dont see a hunched over barbie on the shelves at the toy store do you? 

Barbie has taken on many different things in her life. You should as well try something new and exciting.

Try these things:

  • Riding a jet ski
  • Sky diving
  • Random road trip
  • Hop on random flight to a new city
  • Learn a new language or salutation of one
  • Try to eat new food or restaurant
  • Write a book
  • Tell a story

  • By expanding your horizons and experience in life you will naturally feel more like the inner rockstar that you really are!

    The journey of feeling beautiful is not something you just do or get, it is a mindset that you must choose and develop over the course of time.

    Choosing to be beautiful is beautiful in itself. It shows how truly powerful you are as a woman and a person, that inspires everyone who comes in contact with you.

    Stop worrying about how other people see you and worry about how you see you! That is how you become who you want to become!

    Try this challenge.

    Write a letter to yourself 5 years ago and tell them about themselves now and give them advice.

    Once you complete that do this next step.

    Write a letter to yourself now from the perspective of the person you want to be in 5 years.

    Compare the two and notice how differently you thought. Guess what? You wrote both of them, proof you can be who you want to be!

    Look in the mirror say I am beautiful and successful everyday!

    New Mind New You… The Only Way

    People often want change, they “strive” change. There are so many different ways people want to change, or things they wish they could change. The fact is 80% of people do not have the proper discipline required to institute the change they are seeking in themselves, their lives, or the world for that matter. People often go looking for change as if it is a physical product they can go buy or obtain. I have news for you, change is not sold at your local Target or Walmart. If change was widely distrubted in local supermarkets and convient stores then many people would be wealthy, not hungry or cured of their disease and this world would be completely happy and free.

    The idea of change is actually very compelling. See the two terms idea and change kind of live together like big brother little sister, one looking out for the…

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    Eating healthy improves everything

    Cut up your favorite selection of ready to eat fruits and veggies such as apples, carrots, strawberries, or cucumbers and put them in the front of the refrigerator so that is it an “easy” healthy on the go snack when you are in a hurry or have the urge to munch. If your can’t resist the chips and cookie section of the grocery store and simply must buy unhealthy snacks, store them somewhere you will have to work hard to access, don’t make it easy. For example cabinet above the refrigerator or place you have to use a stool to reach. My husband use to hide my sour skittles there and after two times climbing on the counter to get them I finally gave up the struggle. I meal prep every sunday for the entire week saving on time and money, resisting the urge to eat out. Nutritious affordable foods include brown rice is great for side dishes. Casseroles, fried rice & under 2 bucks, whole wheat grain pasta for hot or cold pasta dishes also under 2 bucks. Nonfat greek yogurt is a quick snack but I use mine for smoothies and parfaits with fresh fruit, oats, or granola on top in the morning under 1 dollar. Fruits and vegetables should always be at the top of your grocery list. Eating healthy is more expensive than eating junk food. Harvard studies reveal healthy diets are between 1.50 to 2.00 more per meal than that of an unhealthy diet. I usually buy fresh produce from the farmers market but if I’m wanting to save time and money I buy frozen fruits and vegetables, in fact I find berries to be cheaper and already prepared for smoothies. And you don’t have to worry about it ruining or going to waste. Costco and Sam’s both have a package of 10 with individual pre-packaged serving sizes for your convience. Drop them in your bullet with 2 cups of almond milk or 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of oats and YUM. The basic idea to eating clean is to choose foods that are close to their natual state and completely avoiding artificial foods or additives. Food such as kelp, ginger, mushrooms, and beets heal your body naturally. Kelp is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and lowers thyroid levels. If its green you need it; kale, spinach, & avocado are my favorite superfoods. Studies suggest mushrooms have the ability to fight certain cancers, and instead of beef I grill a portobello mushroom and dress it like most people do the american classic burger, an excellent substitute for meat and very satisfying. Remember the saying you are what you eat? Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body. What you eat effects your skin, hair, bones, muscles, mood, and immune system. Mcdonalds, smoking, and pepsi’s offer your body zero benefits leaving you susceptible to premature aging because you’re preventing your body from regenerating or making new cells. You can change the way you look, feel, and think just by avoiding the crap of convience foods. It’s faster to prepare a salad than it is to wait in the drive through. Munch on a carrot instead of french fries if you want clear and glowing skin. The junk is high in sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, high calorie, low nutrients and something you should avoid. Looking good is one thing but feeling good is most important.

    The Value of Critics

    This topic takes on so many critics, imagine that! Don’t we all? There is always someone out there who “thinks” we are doing something wrong or should do it differently right? But is it their true belief or are they just thinking it? Is there any action or validity to it?

    I want to dive into this discussion first with some quotes.

    “Your critics will never pay you anyway..”_ Dan Lok_F.U. Money

    “If your so good at this, why aren’t you rich?”_ Dan Lok_F.U. Money

    Wow, right?! Ok, well those statements may be true but let’s be honest some criticism is healthy right? I believe so. There are people all around us everyday that see the world in which you live in, in an entirely different way! That can bring you value to your purpose, if you can open yourself up to seeing it first.

    You must learn to see things differently and accept the possibility of new ideas, creations, and processes in order to reach your goals.

    I believe the quotes above are directed to knowing which critic to listen to and which not too allow any influence in your decisions.

    Think about it, what areas are we criticized on?

    As women it’s our looks, our weight, our clothes, jobs, kids, and relationships. Hell there is even more than that, we criticize ourselves! That is a woman’s worst critic; herself!

    Just because you see a beautiful woman on TV or the cover of a magazine as your checking out at the grocery store doesnt mean you’re not beautiful. It just means she took ownership for her beauty and made it work for her.

    Your kids may be very well mannered, while your best friends kids are hellions in your opinion. While your neighbor is laughing as her kids are terrorizing the neighborhood with water guns, she is criticizing yours as the stuck up rich kids.

    Both of you could be totally wrong about the other. Critics often forget there is a difference between criticism and judgement!

    Criticism should be used to deliver honest and knowledgeable content with value to ones mission or purpose.

    Criticism should not be used to destroy one’s mission or purpose by exploiting or exposing their failures.

    So here is my thought and way I structure my processes around criticism, I dont till last! Funny? Thought you would like that.

    But really, I do not take criticism until the end of the process. Most critics are “haters” and want nothing more than to steer your attention away from your mission. So while I really enjoy the free marketing and support from the haters and the following they create I give no relevance to their opinions, for the most part. Now, this is where it gets fun. Your critics and “haters” will tell you exactly what you’re doing right lol.Capture

    Now that you are doing right, it is time to notice the criticism that is constructive. This criticism will come from notable sources, including successful businesses and individuals within your industries. True constructive criticism comes from a place of success and future. The reason it comes from that place is because it is intended to drive towards success from success with future in mind. Kind of like pay it forward. The individuals that lend mentorship via constructive criticism usually truly believe in you or your purpose and see value in what your providing the marketplace or the world.

    Step 1: Know your own value

    Know what your worth. Do not sell yourself short. Stick to your current worth and WORK on increasing your worth!

    Step 2: understand the difference.

    Destructive Criticism: criticism ment to distract, destroy and distance you from your goal and purpose.

    Constructive Criticism: criticism meant to expedite your journey to your goal or process.

    Use the knowledge of difference to leverage your view point on the criticism you receive in all you areas of your life.

    Step 3: Learn to accept

    Learn that it is ok that not everyone is going I like you, or what you wear or what your doing. That’s fine. Follow steps 1 and 2 first then smile take a deep breathe. Now you know what to do with it.

    Step 4: Practice makes perfect

    Ever heard the old saying “I just got taken to the woodshed..” ? Meaning got a whoopin. Lol. Well your about to get another.

    Not only are you your own worst critic you do this to other people!

    So, stop for a second next time you start to run your mouth and think how am I going to affect this person or the current situation or even the marketplace with what I am about to criticize? If you truly feel your delivering value then it will be authentic and natural, just as this blog. However, if it is out of jealousy, hatred or lust for whatever reason you are purely being destructive, not only to society and the marketplace but to yourself as well.

    So practice on listening more, both on the inside and out. Practice the evaluation of the criticism that you receive and give. Disguard the destructive and embrace the constructive, both receiving and delivering. “Practice is in the process”-my husband says.

    Step 5: Grain of Salt

    “Take it with a grain of salt ” ” timex, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin..” Heard those before? Sure you have. Well, because it works! Once you have completed steps 1 thru 4 your ready to not let it bother you anymore. Now your on cruise control, the lashing out against you and your mission is no longer the giant boulder in the road you had to swerve and loose control over. It’s merely a small in effective grain of salt just that you can cruise right on by or over no affects. This is when your on straight line path to success with purpose.

    Use these steps to open your mind to criticism in all areas of your life. Relax, it will be ok. Take an active role in the evaluation of criticism, instead of reacting to it. Establish a belief system and streamline your success today.

    I hope I provided you with some steps to dealing with this issue and helps you over come the fear of criticism, so you can continue your journey in a positive way.💗

    New Mind New You… The Only Way

    People often want change, they “strive” change. There are so many different ways people want to change, or things they wish they could change. The fact is 80% of people do not have the proper discipline required to institute the change they are seeking in themselves, their lives, or the world for that matter. People often go looking for change as if it is a physical product they can go buy or obtain. I have news for you, change is not sold at your local Target or Walmart. If change was widely distrubted in local supermarkets and convient stores then many people would be wealthy, not hungry or cured of their disease and this world would be completely happy and free.

    The idea of change is actually very compelling. See the two terms idea and change kind of live together like big brother little sister, one looking out for the other in a nuturing kind of way. Big brother is the tough one and never lets anything physically harm the little sister. Little sister is the emotional and intellectual protection of the relationship much like the idea is to change. Change as the big brother is the act of change physically protecting the identity of what it is that needs or is being changed, actually carrying out the change. Living in unison ideas inspire the change in the world, in the economy, in eviromenent, politics and in us has humans. If it were not for the idea that someone could break the 4 minute mile it would have never been done. Yet up until 1954 it had never been done! Why? Did no one really ever think of trying it or that it was ever even possible? Until Roger Bannister had the idea of the attempt. Then he had the drive and discipline to train hard and study his craft nuturing the dream of the idea that he could be the change. On May 6th 1954 Sir Roger Bannister shattered the 4 minute mile record with 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds! Since the idea spurred one man to create real change, the 4 minute mile as been broke literally thousands of times by men and women and is the new professional standard for men middle distance runners! Now that is lasting change!

    The principal behind this and the reason this story makes for such an amazing case study to the evidence of idea leading change and why I believe they much live together in a harmonious corridor of your belieft is the outcome as well as the person Mr. Bannister had to become to create the change.

    The change must come from within you! You are more valuable to yourself, your cause, the world and the people around you than you will ever know. You have a purpose and it is not to sit on the couch and watch Dr. Phil all day long, or scroll facebook trolling for drama! You do realize you have one chance! Today is the last one of these you get! Tomorrow will most likely come according to history and history always 99% of time repeats itself and the reason you can not envoke change is because your mindset is wrapped around that thought that you have another day coming. What if you were told you would die in 36 hours? Would panic and regret set in? How would you look back at how you lived your life? What would you say you wished you had done or CHANGED?

    See the fact that you had ideas and did not change the way you thought about them so you could act on them, led to no change at all. If Roger Bannister had just sat there drinking coffee and was like hey I have an idea that the 4 minute mile can be broken then went and sat on couch and ordered pizza. What do you think the outcome would have been? Remember since beginning of time the 4 minute mile had never been broken. I dont think it would have came for at least another 20 years. This is the power of change, the power of discipline and determination. Guess what? All that is required is free, because it is within you the entire time. “Everything you need is already within you..”-Bill Bowerman

    Mind is the most powerful thing on the planet, it creates belief, doubt, worry, stress, hope,ideas, solutions and even problems. Use it. Change your mind to change you life and the world. Just like we have been talking about you intiate change with an idea. The idea is right here for you, you were drawn to this blog for a reason. This article for a reason. The idea of changing your mindset as a idealistic seed was already pre planted within your very being. It is up to you to do it.

    Change does not happen overnight for the big picture and that is what most people are looking for and why they become discouraged so quickly. Roger Bannister did not just wake up and all of sudden hit the track and post a world record time that had never been done in human existence! He nutured this idea of change by changing his mindset through discipline, dedication and hardwork. I was not around in pre 1954 but I wish I had been what a glorious time that was. I imagine his training was brutal and very strict, without all the technology and equipment we have today. I believe that not only did Mr. Bannister envoke the spark for others to change their mindset towards ideas and goals, he changed the way the world ran, trained, ate, slept and even breathed. Roger showed the world that by having merely having the idea of change was not even close to being enough to make it.

    Now that you see that ideas and change work together, how they build each one up to inspire the real event. If you want to change how you look, dress, feel or change where you work, what you drive, or what is in you bank account or maybe even how you live entirely what is the idea behind it? What are your reasons? What is your WHY? See you have skipped an entire process( hold onto that word) for envoking the change. What you have is the simple form of an idea. Meaning for example,” I want to change the way I look and loose 10 pounds.” But that is it. Most people then hop on the internet, facebook, youtube watch few videos then buys some miracle shake or supplement they have done no research on and half ass it for maybe 2 weeks at the most to just totally abandon the “IDEA” all together. Then this phrase comes, ” its just to hard to change”. The excuses pile in.

    This is why the foundation for change must be set from the time of idea conception. Your ready now, I can tell. IT TAKES MASSIVE ACTION!!

    Massive action is burning the damn boat! All in, no turning back, no where to run, no excuse to hide behind. Just you and your idea turned to goal, turned to PROCESS then freight training towards the change. Let me show you in simple steps how to structure your idea for change.

    1. Idea- A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action; the aim of purpose!-
    2. End Game- What is the end game? What is the change you are wanting? The Results you wish to see? The end game is the change!!
    3. Process- What is the process to get to the end of the game with the results that you want to see? The Change? Know that the process is made up of many small steps, small goals that will lead you to the change; change is the end game the goals within the process are not. Lay out and write out your process, goals or milestones within that process on a calendar on the wall and check it off as you reach them.
    4. Disipline- Be disciplined on your process, cast out any excuses that you previously relied on or allowed yourself to punch your idea or desire for change in the face. Stop bullying yourself into this life of mediocracy. Example: if your goal is to loose weight then no matter how you feel your ass is going to the gym, no matter how good that golden arch looks your ass is having chicken and brocolli for the 6 night in a row!
    5. Journal_ Talk about your process and journey to yourself! Most important step I believe is self relection. Important to in this step is to be brutally honest with yourself about your experiences, efforts struggles and victories. I will tell you why, first because nobody is there you have no reason to lie to yourself ( you should not lie anyway) you know the truth did you really “try everything” did you really work your ass off or were you just standing in the gym looking cute with you $300 headphones? Did you actually learn a skill or did you just throw money at a pryamid scheme on a facebook ad and think you was going to wake up rich or repost and retweets? Be honest with yourself in you reflection of who you really are will start to show and your mindset will grow powerful allowing the change you wish to see.
    6. Long Game_ Pay attention to your time line, above we discussed that your goals and changes will not come overnight. It is not a “Race” pun intended, it is a marathon. I bring this point in for validity because I want to conclude with a question for you to start your journey to changing your mindset so you can truly take your ideas into the change you desire.

    Did Roger Bannister break the 4 minute mile over night was it technically overnight success because that is what was seen by the world? Or rather years of his dedication to nuture his idea through a process and mindful self reflection? Could you say it took 2000 years for the change or one day or the life time of a runner? Did the time it took to create the change out weigh the lasting time of the change? Which is greater? Would we know if it was possible if he hadnt done it? Apply this thinking to Cure of Cancer?

    Think about these questions and being to change your mindset and wrap it around becoming fully involved in the process and enjoying it and I promise you you will discover so much more about yourself, enjoy yourself and you will Change not only your life but the lives around you and the world just as Roger Bannister did.

    I wish each of you the best and all the change you wish to see.

    When Obsession knows no boundaries. How to Endure & overcome stalking cyberbullying.

    When you hear the terms stalking or cyberbullying you imagine victims being stalked must be famous right? Like Versace, Selena Perez, or Rebecca Scheaffer that you hear about in the tabloids or the ones doing the cyber bulling are a bunch of middle school 12 year olds. Neither the case in my nightmare.

    Often times such as in my case it’s someone you meet one time. Often not someone you’ve never met at all. Mine happens to be a woman I met literally one time at a cookout I hosted at my home. If I could turn back time and never have had that cookout or at least never encouraged my husband’s boss to invite his then girlfriend at the time as a guest.
    But a rational person could have never foreseen what lie ahead. As I write this I am still being stalked, harrassed, and cyberbullied & in the proceedings of a legal remedy.

    My nightmare began in 2014 & is currently still steadily continuing daily. With Facebook, apps that share all of your personal information for a mere $22.00, literally pinning your location & others that that provide these deeply disturbed individuals with the ability to set up fake numbers, fake profiles to continue their quest to hunt you & know of every detail of your life. Because remember you are an obsession, while you’re trying to live your life normally, you have become their life. I have thousands upon thousands of exhibits of evidence of the stalking I have endured these long 4 years organized in colored folders by each offense and law violated. And while many ask the question what did you do or say to make her do this, the answer is nothing. Just being me was enough. Profiles set up with my pictures, my birth name even being used by my stalker, my children’s pictures being stolen, my grandchildren being posted about, my business associates and friends being harassed, infringements laws broken posting intimate professional boudoir pictures of me & being shared without my photographers permission, my name and number shared on explicit dating sites, back to back texts, daily posts about me, shrines built on my birthday, false DHS reports made, sent a 3 page message on my wedding day, my Religious preferance mocked, mine & my husband’s jobs called and worst of all my daughter being followed while my stalker boasted on social media in pics at the location she was & that she was so close to her she could touch her and she didn’t even know it. I covered all the basis, changed my number twice, moved 4 times, blocked every account, filed reports, this time moving 4,330 miles away to Hawaii…it wasn’t enough. And as I mentioned these sites share all of your information and because I use social media for my business I am public therefore so is my every move just what someone like this craves. They have made it their mission to know every detail about you every minute of the day. You are the 1st person they think about when they wake up and the last before they go to sleep. As a victim you dread even picking your phone up in the morning seeing all the stalking and harassing before you even have your 1st cup of coffee. With the thoughts of ooh no what has she said or done now. Through the years I had very little engagement with her not even to defend myself, besides leave me alone or dont text or call my phone again receiving text after text that said I control you, I can text you if I want, You’re a Foster child nobody even wanted you and threw you away, or shaming my deceased mother. Up until very very recently I had been fighting the battle alone not even telling anyone about it. Past few weeks I broke my silence about it to make others aware by doing so a formed army of my own a group of friends that love me stood up for me giving my stalker little control and power over me anymore, as I was no longer an army of one. It is then that I seen everyone had become her victim at the point and subject to all the vile things she said and done to me, not to mention had prior arrests for harrassment and battery. You see most of these individuals are lonely, have no friends, no life of their own so they obsess over yours or humuliate you. And can become deadly, stalkers are sadistic. Not many things can be compared to the feeling that a person feels being stalked and harassed by an unstable individual leaving you helpless. Stalkers obsession with their victims can be very strong and any rejection to their unwanted communication can lead to violence and they have no regards for legal consequences in fact they feel above the law. Many many times they can even turn everything around on you making themselves the victim and actually believing it. Convincing themselves & as well as others that you had done something to deserve it. There used to be a time when stalking victims had very little protection no anti-stalking laws and unfortunately smany had to be victimized before the laws were set into place. These fatal attractions become very unsettling and dangerous. Lawmakers in Congress have a backlog of laws to vote on and often it takes time and alot of tragedies or takes a victim of crime to realize there is no law in place to protect them. Many cases leading to homicide the other half to suicide. Stalking behaviour identified in 94 percent of murders. That is 9 out of 10 murders. Lawmakers have been warned that failure to take these “seemingly harmless ” acts seriously and take action could lead to escalation in violence or even worse, death. Stalkers have very malicious intentions to put you at risk in every way possible to focus on their fixation. With an objective to end your life in one way or another. In my Criminal Justice class nearly every case we reviewed were examples of obsession or fixated behavior & ended in some form of violence before prosecution. Essentially authorities ignoring the behavior until something bad happens, “If she tries to hurt you or threatens you call 911” when all you have endured is a threat. We have stalking laws so why are the police not enforcing those laws? Most are not adequately trained in this area to know what stalking is or what the Judicial system can actually do for the victims. And they fail to take it seriously giving the stalker even more power because there is noone to stop them. All too often I’d read a text that said “there is nothing you can do, the police are not going to do anything ” or “I read the Facebook laws I can post what I want”. While these stalkers think they know the law and use Facebook & apps to track you, they are breaking the law “cyberbullying ” and Facebook has cybersecurity and it is a Criminal offense. It is the use of the internet or other electronic means to stalk, harrass, make false accusations, defamation slander, and libel. Cyberstalking is motivated by a desire to control, intimidate, or influence a victim. A conviction can and will result in probation, fines, restraining orders, Criminal penalties against the assailant including jail and even prison for repeat offenders. While you may be beat down, exhausted and powerless, Federal Stalking Laws do exist. 14 States classify stalking as a Felony, 35 States classify is as Felony the 2nd offense. I advise you to educate yourself about the laws in your State , contact the Stalking resource center national center for victims of crimes file with your local police department and Prosecutors office. Screenshot and print everything journal and keep records of events & dates. Go onto every site you can such as people finder, thruthfinder,  spokeo, peekyou, spyfly, instant checkmate, any site the Perpetrator can use to surveillance you and request to be opt-out removing your information from their site’s. View your privacy settings, don’t add anyone you don’t know, use strong passwords and change them often, be aware of your own online presence. Google yourself, I learned I was on some pretty raunchy sites which explained the texts I would get inviting me to do some pretty Explicit acts. Report cyberstalking and cyberbullying. These stalkers are unstable and mentally unhealthy, don’t engage with them it’s a compulsive and extensive behavior in my case lasting years they will not stop the behavior willing. Until they find another victim. The best course of action is to take preventive and protective action. Obsession knows no boundaries and it is unreasonable for a victim to wait for their Perpetrator to hit rock bottom or get bored with you to believe there is nothing you can do about it or in my case think it will just go away to do something about it. Don’t make empty promises or threats as I did through the years “if you harrass me one more time I’m filing charges”. Take my advice when I tell you they won’t just have a revelation one day and think wow this irrational behavior that I should seek professional help for, its never going to happen. Cyberstalking is increasing every year, stand up for yourself and enforce your rights, demand peace and boundaries in your deserve it and no should be violated the way I have been. Stalking victims don’t have bruises or visible injuries on the outside but day after day emotionally raped and violated is an act of terrorism we face every hour of everyday. End the epidemic of the new milenium, your anguish and reclaim your space.

    Be Your Own Beautiful