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What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to find your gift,the purpose of life is to give it away….. what does it mean to you?

New Mind New You… The Only Way

People often want change, they “strive” change. There are so many different ways people want to change, or things they wish they could change. The fact is 80% of people do not have the proper discipline required to institute the change they are seeking in themselves, their lives, or the world for that matter. People often go looking for change as if it is a physical product they can go buy or obtain. I have news for you, change is not sold at your local Target or Walmart. If change was widely distrubted in local supermarkets and convient stores then many people would be wealthy, not hungry or cured of their disease and this world would be completely happy and free.

The idea of change is actually very compelling. See the two terms idea and change kind of live together like big brother little sister, one looking out for the other in a nuturing kind of way. Big brother is the tough one and never lets anything physically harm the little sister. Little sister is the emotional and intellectual protection of the relationship much like the idea is to change. Change as the big brother is the act of change physically protecting the identity of what it is that needs or is being changed, actually carrying out the change. Living in unison ideas inspire the change in the world, in the economy, in eviromenent, politics and in us has humans. If it were not for the idea that someone could break the 4 minute mile it would have never been done. Yet up until 1954 it had never been done! Why? Did no one really ever think of trying it or that it was ever even possible? Until Roger Bannister had the idea of the attempt. Then he had the drive and discipline to train hard and study his craft nuturing the dream of the idea that he could be the change. On May 6th 1954 Sir Roger Bannister shattered the 4 minute mile record with 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds! Since the idea spurred one man to create real change, the 4 minute mile as been broke literally thousands of times by men and women and is the new professional standard for men middle distance runners! Now that is lasting change!

The principal behind this and the reason this story makes for such an amazing case study to the evidence of idea leading change and why I believe they much live together in a harmonious corridor of your belieft is the outcome as well as the person Mr. Bannister had to become to create the change.

The change must come from within you! You are more valuable to yourself, your cause, the world and the people around you than you will ever know. You have a purpose and it is not to sit on the couch and watch Dr. Phil all day long, or scroll facebook trolling for drama! You do realize you have one chance! Today is the last one of these you get! Tomorrow will most likely come according to history and history always 99% of time repeats itself and the reason you can not envoke change is because your mindset is wrapped around that thought that you have another day coming. What if you were told you would die in 36 hours? Would panic and regret set in? How would you look back at how you lived your life? What would you say you wished you had done or CHANGED?

See the fact that you had ideas and did not change the way you thought about them so you could act on them, led to no change at all. If Roger Bannister had just sat there drinking coffee and was like hey I have an idea that the 4 minute mile can be broken then went and sat on couch and ordered pizza. What do you think the outcome would have been? Remember since beginning of time the 4 minute mile had never been broken. I dont think it would have came for at least another 20 years. This is the power of change, the power of discipline and determination. Guess what? All that is required is free, because it is within you the entire time. “Everything you need is already within you..”-Bill Bowerman

Mind is the most powerful thing on the planet, it creates belief, doubt, worry, stress, hope,ideas, solutions and even problems. Use it. Change your mind to change you life and the world. Just like we have been talking about you intiate change with an idea. The idea is right here for you, you were drawn to this blog for a reason. This article for a reason. The idea of changing your mindset as a idealistic seed was already pre planted within your very being. It is up to you to do it.

Change does not happen overnight for the big picture and that is what most people are looking for and why they become discouraged so quickly. Roger Bannister did not just wake up and all of sudden hit the track and post a world record time that had never been done in human existence! He nutured this idea of change by changing his mindset through discipline, dedication and hardwork. I was not around in pre 1954 but I wish I had been what a glorious time that was. I imagine his training was brutal and very strict, without all the technology and equipment we have today. I believe that not only did Mr. Bannister envoke the spark for others to change their mindset towards ideas and goals, he changed the way the world ran, trained, ate, slept and even breathed. Roger showed the world that by having merely having the idea of change was not even close to being enough to make it.

Now that you see that ideas and change work together, how they build each one up to inspire the real event. If you want to change how you look, dress, feel or change where you work, what you drive, or what is in you bank account or maybe even how you live entirely what is the idea behind it? What are your reasons? What is your WHY? See you have skipped an entire process( hold onto that word) for envoking the change. What you have is the simple form of an idea. Meaning for example,” I want to change the way I look and loose 10 pounds.” But that is it. Most people then hop on the internet, facebook, youtube watch few videos then buys some miracle shake or supplement they have done no research on and half ass it for maybe 2 weeks at the most to just totally abandon the “IDEA” all together. Then this phrase comes, ” its just to hard to change”. The excuses pile in.

This is why the foundation for change must be set from the time of idea conception. Your ready now, I can tell. IT TAKES MASSIVE ACTION!!

Massive action is burning the damn boat! All in, no turning back, no where to run, no excuse to hide behind. Just you and your idea turned to goal, turned to PROCESS then freight training towards the change. Let me show you in simple steps how to structure your idea for change.

  1. Idea- A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action; the aim of purpose!-
  2. End Game- What is the end game? What is the change you are wanting? The Results you wish to see? The end game is the change!!
  3. Process- What is the process to get to the end of the game with the results that you want to see? The Change? Know that the process is made up of many small steps, small goals that will lead you to the change; change is the end game the goals within the process are not. Lay out and write out your process, goals or milestones within that process on a calendar on the wall and check it off as you reach them.
  4. Disipline- Be disciplined on your process, cast out any excuses that you previously relied on or allowed yourself to punch your idea or desire for change in the face. Stop bullying yourself into this life of mediocracy. Example: if your goal is to loose weight then no matter how you feel your ass is going to the gym, no matter how good that golden arch looks your ass is having chicken and brocolli for the 6 night in a row!
  5. Journal_ Talk about your process and journey to yourself! Most important step I believe is self relection. Important to in this step is to be brutally honest with yourself about your experiences, efforts struggles and victories. I will tell you why, first because nobody is there you have no reason to lie to yourself ( you should not lie anyway) you know the truth did you really “try everything” did you really work your ass off or were you just standing in the gym looking cute with you $300 headphones? Did you actually learn a skill or did you just throw money at a pryamid scheme on a facebook ad and think you was going to wake up rich or repost and retweets? Be honest with yourself in you reflection of who you really are will start to show and your mindset will grow powerful allowing the change you wish to see.
  6. Long Game_ Pay attention to your time line, above we discussed that your goals and changes will not come overnight. It is not a “Race” pun intended, it is a marathon. I bring this point in for validity because I want to conclude with a question for you to start your journey to changing your mindset so you can truly take your ideas into the change you desire.

Did Roger Bannister break the 4 minute mile over night was it technically overnight success because that is what was seen by the world? Or rather years of his dedication to nuture his idea through a process and mindful self reflection? Could you say it took 2000 years for the change or one day or the life time of a runner? Did the time it took to create the change out weigh the lasting time of the change? Which is greater? Would we know if it was possible if he hadnt done it? Apply this thinking to Cure of Cancer?

Think about these questions and being to change your mindset and wrap it around becoming fully involved in the process and enjoying it and I promise you you will discover so much more about yourself, enjoy yourself and you will Change not only your life but the lives around you and the world just as Roger Bannister did.

I wish each of you the best and all the change you wish to see.