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Girls compete, Women Empower…

You can always tell who the strong women are, they are always the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down. I’m so obsessed with seeing women encouraging, supporting, and empowering other women as one my favorite things in the world. I feel we need so much more of it I cannot stress just how important it is to follow the ways of an empowered woman because we need to talk, encourage, laugh, support one another & stand together against obstacles and oppressors that we face every day….

We need to be confident to be a role model and show them that it’s easier then they can imagine to be a strong powerful woman , hold them up when they don’t have the strength to stand.

When you call another woman a slut, bitch, hooker, fat or even listen to it you’re just saying it’s ok to disrespect women, and to tear your sister apart. We are united so don’t engage in it. Watching your own words can make a small but important change in this world and how women should be respected.

Instead of talking ugly about other women find a reason to compliment everyone you see. I do every chance I get, ” I like your dress”, ” Your make up is on point” or You have a blessed day.

When women feel they have power they have more confidence. Your words can build that within them. Women like compliments from men, but there is something inspiring when another woman encourages you and says you look nice, It gives you a little boost of confidence and you stand a little taller….. Saying something simple can empower one another helping us to reach our full potential.

In a world of negative people if you see that other women are being mistreated, talked down to, lied about, or judged unkindly stand up for her…. Be her voice. Don’t encourage or ignore it, don’t let this kind of thing happen….. Every time a woman is belittled or attacked it impacts her negatively, but standing up for her she realizes she is not alone with her attackers. Strength comes numbers ……

From a very young age you must teach your daughters their worth t do not allow the world to do so. Let them know they can do or be anything they want. If we instill this in our little girls we will raise a generation of right fighters, Empowered women that will stand at nothing to achieve their hopes and dreams.

I have told my own little girls since they could walk that “The stars are the limit” so reach for them regardless of their body type, sexual preference, fashion sense no matter who they chose to love or what they chose as a career , that they were loved always would be. But they were amazing women and I would empower them to follow their dreams no matter what those dreams were and to be someone who makes others feel like somebody.

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise, one that has the power to stay true to herself and never allowing others to distract her from her goals. I have a pleasure of being a part of a journey of a woman I admire so very much who has aspired to be all of these things, strong and determined to reach her goals and encourage another women to do it along the way. I can’t wait to click on her page to see that she’s lost another pound or inch & let me tell you her smiles as big as her strength and her heart.

I even stop my husband in the middle of a conversation or turn the radio down to say” baby Amanda Miller lost more weight” with so much excitement that even he is began to follow her journey and anxious for me to flip my phone around to say” look I’m so proud of her” with tears in my eyes she is truly an example of hard work, dedication, hope, and determination.

She never gives up through blood, sweat, tears, rain, snow, sleet, heat, or sickness she is always in that gym. She is a woman that wanted a change and fought for it and searched for the power within to achieve her goals. I’m blessed to call her my friend and role model. I encourage you to follow her journey. Good job Amanda Miller, you are an inspiration, beautiful inside out . Your teaching women to not compare themselves to other women but to love themselves & to be a better version of who we are and this is my tribute to you… I did not write this without tears of joy! I salute you ,Blessings xoxoxo